Chase: When I came home wanting to see my Girlfriend she wasn’t there so i went to eat some pancakes yum! I heard the front door open and i went to go see who it was.

Antwon: Sup Bro

Chase: Hi… you know where the girls are?

Antwon: Nope they probable got a job


Angeline: Can you believe that we are finally here are own house after living with are parents moving All the way across the world.

Melanie: I know Right its like being in whole new world

Angeline: Really WOW  stupid -_-

Melanie: Oh ya duh :P

Angeline: OH MY GOD you know what

Melanie: What

Angeline: Why in the name of hell am I friends with you

Melanie:Um because  you love me

Angeline:Righttt walks away